Traditional Celebration of Ecclesiastical and Popular Orthodox Feasts

the village of Kalishte, Kovachevtsi municipality

the village of Kalishte, Kovachevtsi municipality

In the evening of 13 January, for times immemorial, men in kukeri masks, clothes, and bells go around the village to expel the evil spirits. The kukeri enter each house in the village. Their group is led by a men dressed up as a bride and by a bridegroom. The kukeri group dances under the sounds of music. The feast ends on 14 January by having a meeting with kukeri from neighboring villages. For many years on, the kukeri participate in different overview of folk traditions in the town of Pernik and they have been awarded there with prizes and certificates.

Surva-Kukeri feast

the village of Kalishte

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2020 January
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