Traditional Celebration of Ecclesiastical and Popular Orthodox Feasts

the village of Svetla, Kovachevtsi municipality

the village of Svetla, Kovachevtsi municipality

This is the nicest feast in the village. It involves participants of all ages from children of 4 years to elderly of 60-70 years. The preparation starts about a month before 13 January. People prepare masks, make sets of the smaller and bigger bells. Every evening before 13 January several people go out in the village with their bells and dance around the square. On 13 January, the entire group goes out around 7 pm, gathers in the schools yard, where they dance altogether. They wait for some group from other villages to come and they make a meeting together. During the night, they go to another village and on 14 January around 12 am, the group returns to the village. The bride, the priest and the other zvanchari (bell-men) go out to every house to expel the Evil. The feast ends around 8 pm.


the village of Svetla

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