Traditional Celebration of Ecclesiastical and Popular Orthodox Feasts

the village of Sirishtnik, Kovachevtsi municipality

the village of Sirishtnik, Kovachevtsi municipality

On 13 January, the young unmarried men dress up in carnival costumes. On their heads they wear various masks (representing animal or bird heads, made of feathers and fur), called litsi (faces). On their waists, the young men put big bells. The group obligatory involves figures of a bride, a bridegrooms brother, a priest, devils and bear/cat with a bear keeper. All the night, the entire group walks around the village and visit the houses. On 14 January they all gather in the church yard or in the village square around 2 pm. Then, there follow dances in a circle, fights among the survakari-bears and the village inhabitants, and around 4 pm the games are over.


the village of Sirishtnik

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 Survakari (New Year Mens Ritual Group)
2019 January
Arhangelovden; Michaelmas8
Sveti Mina; St. Mina's day11
Sveti Filip; St. Philips Day14
Sveta Katerina; St. Catherine24
Sveti Stilian; St. Stylian26
Andreevden; St. Andrews Day30
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