Traditional Celebration of Ecclesiastical and Popular Orthodox Feasts

the village of Kossacha, Kovachevtsi municipality

the village of Kossacha, Kovachevtsi municipality

People go around the village and visit the houses, a ritual wedding is made, kukeri dance in their masking costumes and expel the evil spirits from the houses.

Kurkeri feast (SURVAKARI)

the village of Kossacha

The inquiry form has been filled in by Dimitko Ginchev Slavov, acting village mayor

Tekstual information represent authentic folkore descriptions, received as answers from Living Human Treasures - Bulgaria project inquery.
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 Survakari (New Year Men’s Ritual Group)
2019 January
Petkovden; St. Petka (Paraskeva of Tarnovo)14
Dimitrovden; St. Demetrius's Day26
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